Our Troop

Boy Led, Boy Run

Troop 526 is a 'Boy Led, Boy Run' troop. If you are coming from a Cub Scout program, this will be a change for you.. While adults do the planning and run a pack, the boys take the lead in Boy Scouts! Adults provide the guidance and support to make sure all activities are appropriate and BSA rules are followed.

Patrol Method

We use the patrol method. Each scout is a member of a patrol. That patrol elects its own Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader. The Patrol Leaders meet monthly with the Senior Patrol Leaders to plan events and meetings. The Patrol Leaders also set the agenda and lead their patrol meetings. This includes planning patrol and troop activities, working on scout skills, and playing games. This allows Scouts to learn how to work as a team and how the lead.

Each Patrol is also assigned an Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM). Scouts can go to their assigned ASM for guidance and advise as they work on their activities, merit badges, and rank. In addition, newer patrols will be assigned a Troop Guide. This is an experienced scout that will guide and help the boy scouts learn to lead their patrol and plan troop/patrol activities.

Troop Meeting & Activities

We meet once a week as a troop, during most meetings the patrols break out into "patrol corners" to conduct any business. There is also some inter-patrol competition during the troop meeting. In addition, patrols may meet on occasion apart from the troop during the month. Along with the meetings we schedule outings every month. Outing may include hiking, camping, service projects or other outdoor activities. As in past years, we have three summer camps scheduled. We are an active troop!

We have various fund-raising opportunities scheduled throughout the year. Each scout has his own account in the troop. As he earns money it is kept in his account to help pay for expenses such as summer camp and yearly dues.

Adult Volunteers

We have a strong group of adult volunteers who assist in guidance roles. Adults assure that the activities are appropriate and that the boys follow BSA rules to be safe. We welcome adults/parents who would like to help in our Troop. There are many different ways you can volunteer, please feel free to contact us.

Find out more

We cannot cover every question here so please feel free to contact us if you have a question. You are also welcome to visit us during one of our troop meetings. Webelos Dens, please let us know if you would like help as you work toward your Arrow of Light!